Audi A3

since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A3
- Maintenance instruction
   Audi A3/S3 brand cars - the summary
   Identification numbers of the car
   Acquisition of spare parts
   Technology of service, tool and workplace equipment
   Poddomkrachivaniye and towage
   Engine start from the auxiliary power supply
   Checks of readiness of the car to operation
   Automobile himikaliya
   Diagnostics of malfunctions of knots and car systems
   Governing bodies and receptions of safe operation
   Arrangement of governing bodies and devices
   Keys, body locks with uniform management and the security alarm system
   Electric window regulators and rear-view mirrors
   Safety systems. Transportation of children
   Luggage carrier
   Adjustable steering column
   Hand brake
   Automatic transmission
   The device of the acoustic help at a parking
   Lock of ignition and engine start
   Control and measuring devices. Precautionary and diagnostic systems
   Traveling computer
   Switches and switches
   Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
   Ventilation, heater and conditioner of air of salon
   Elevating and movable panel крыши*
   Illumination of salon and luggage carrier
   Salon equipment
   Luggage carrier on a roof
   Running in
   Features of driving of the car and auxiliary systems (ABS, EDS, ASR, ESP)
   Trailer operation
   Fuelling and emergency unlocking of a cover of the refueling hatch
   Readjustment of headlights
   First-aid kit
   Sign of an emergency stop
   Set of the tool and jack
   Spare wheel
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission and models with a full drive
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Elektroskhema


Spare wheel


The car is completed with a spare wheel with the standard tire. Some export updatings are equipped not with the standard tire, and a compact emergency wheel.

The spare wheel is located in a niche under a flooring of a luggage compartment and fastens a special bolt.

When using a spare wheel with the tire having unidirectional drawing of a protector, keep in mind the following:

The direction of rotation of a wheel is defined by marking in the form of an arrow put on боковине of a tire.

Wheel installation back to the direction of its normal rotation defined by drawing of a protector, probably it is only temporary, as the tire in this case cannot realize fully optimum road performance inherent in it, such as lack of tendency to hydroplaning, noiselessness and wear resistance. Especially we recommend to remember it in crude weather, sorazmery speed of movement with a carriageway condition.

For complete use of advantages of the tire with unidirectional drawing of a protector as soon as possible replace the damaged tire or remount a spare wheel for the correct direction of rotation.

At a car complete set a compact emergency wheel remember the following:

The emergency wheel is intended only for short-term incidental application. Therefore at the first possibility replace it with a wheel with the standard tire.

After installation of an emergency wheel as soon as possible check pressure of air in it. Pressure should make 4.2 bar.

Do not exceed speed of 80 km/h. Avoid dispersals at completely squeezed out pedal of an accelerator, sharp braking and recklessness on turns!

The emergency wheel is specially designed under concrete model of the car. Therefore it cannot be used on cars of other models. It is impossible to use as well emergency wheels of cars of other brands.

Application of chains of antisliding on a compact emergency wheel is for technical reasons inadmissible.

Therefore in need of movement with chains of antisliding remove and put back a compact emergency wheel. In turn removed back wheel establish to the place of a forward compact emergency wheel. Chains of antisliding are recommended to be put on before wheel installation. After that as soon as possible finish to norm pressure of air in tires.

On a disk of an emergency wheel putting on of standard or winter tires is not allowed.

Never go more than with one emergency wheel.